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[02.19.06 at 11:47pm]
I dont think its working out so im not moderating here anymore
but feel free to ethier be a judge cause we still need one more or join my new community eljaystopmodel its not ready yet though so you have to wait
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stamped // leaving [02.12.06 at 10:04pm]

sorry i barely have time anymore and one rating community
is enough for me.
it was fun while it lasted
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am i gorgeous [02.01.06 at 9:03pm]

Hecks yes i'm a gorgeous ladiieCollapse )
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Members Only & Affilites [01.26.06 at 5:05pm]


This Community is Members Only.
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If you would like to Affilite with gorgeous_ladies, please comment here only!

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ACCESS DENIED! [01.26.06 at 5:01pm]


This Community is Members Only.
Go to the Community Info, Read all of the Rules, then Join!
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